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Who We Are

Since shortly after Lancaster's founding, we have sought to bring God's love into the lives of our friends and neighbors in Fairfield County and around the world. We are still committed to our mission. Daily, we strive to share the love of Jesus with all--in our worship, our fellowship, and our service projects.


We are a missionary outpost of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, which is headquartered in Cincinnati. With our bishops and the other congregations of our church, we work together to fulfill the promises we made at our baptism to serve God by serving others. Every week we meet to renew our commitment to God and to share the joy of our salvation by receiving the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The strength we find in this act of fellowship and obedience defines who we and informs all we do.


Ours is a Bible church, with a strong appreciation for the heritage passed to us over the centuries and a willingness to accept the leading of the Holy Spirit as He comes to us in heart and mind. We are a traditional parish with a vital and living faith. We experience our faith through relationships and programs which are grown and nurtured to meet the needs of our people and their families. Children have a special place in our hearts and in our lives, as does music, and beauty, and laughter.


On behalf of all of us here at St. Johns', I hope you will share with us the joy of living in the Spirit as children of the Father, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

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